Throw Back Thursday - Why Checks Still Matters - A Special Moment at Dollar Tree

Humashankar ✭✭✭✭✭

In today's world, where technology like AI is everywhere, some things might seem old-fashioned. But recently, something happened at Dollar Tree that showed how important checks can still be, even with all the new tech. And we'll sprinkle in a little flavor from some cool Smartsheet products too!

At Dollar Tree, someone wanted to pay with a check. It's not something you see every day, especially when we're used to swiping cards or using phones to pay. But it happened, and it made us think about the good old days when checks were more common.

The cashier had to take a moment to make sure everything was okay. In a world where companies like Smartsheet make cool features to help people work together better, seeing someone write a check felt kind of different.

But what happened next was nice. The cashier carefully checked the check to make sure it was real. It took a bit longer, but it was worth it. It felt like a special moment, where two people connected over something simple, like a piece of paper.

Even though we have all fancy tools from venture like Smartsheet to help us work better and make collaboration and project / event management seamless, the moment at Dollar Tree showed that old-fashioned things like checks still have their place. It reminded us that even with all the new tech, it's the little human moments that matter most.

It's about the connection between two Entities.

And maybe they are using some cool Smartsheet tools at work too!

Hope everyone is progressing the week in a great fashion!!

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