How do I exclude information on a report that uses two sheets?


Hi Smartsheet Community,

I'm currently managing two sheets for a non-profit organization, and I'm seeking some guidance on how to generate a report for their fundraising events.

Sheet 1: Checkbook

- This sheet lists each disbursement, daily total deposits, and the checkbook balance.

- It includes a dropdown column with a list of fundraising events.

Sheet 2: Receipts

- This sheet contains detailed information about each donation, including the name of the donor, amount of receipt, contact info, etc.

- It also includes a dropdown column with the same list of fundraising events.


We aim to create a report for each fundraising event that displays both the list of receipts and expenses related to that event.


When I attempt to generate a report using both sheets (Checkbook and Receipts), I encounter an issue where the daily total deposits from the Checkbook sheet are included in the report alongside the detailed receipts. This duplication of information occurs because both sheets share the same dropdown event name.

Report Filter:

The filter on the report is based on the “Event” column, with only one value selected – the name of the event from the dropdown.

Request for Assistance:

I'm seeking guidance on how to exclude the daily total deposits from the Checkbook sheet so that they are not duplicated in the report alongside the detailed receipts from the Receipts sheet. Is there a specific workaround or setting adjustment that would help achieve this goal?

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!