Two issues copying information from a report to a sheet


I have collated some information from all of our project plans to a report that I copy and paste into a separate sheet with additional calculations. The issues I have are:

1) On two or three lines related to one project plan, the information is in one column on the report, however, when I paste it into the sheet, it splits it into two separate columns, skewing the data in the remaining columns as they're all pushed over by one column.

2) Some of the figures that copy over are converting to % rather than a number. There is no obvious pattern to this and it just appears ad-hoc on certain lines.

Is there something specific I should be looking for in the sheet where I paste data? This is a system I have inherited and cannot go back to the person who set it up.

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    Hi, Mel,

    The first point is probably related to copying from something Smartsheet identify as 2 fields. If you want to paste it to one column, you double-click to the field (cursor is inside field) and them you paste (Ctrl + V). This should insert everything into one field.

    The second point is probably caused by different formatting. The field you try to paste is set up as Percentage so it changes the format to %. You can change it: