Bridge: Running Report and writing information to Smartsheet from Resource Management


I am using Bridge to try and pull information from a Resource Management report into a SmartSheet. Today I have an admin do this manually, but I would like to automate this so that it can be completed manually.

I have the report running in Bridge and it is returning 34 items which is expected. I know that I need to then run a Child Workflow that will then pull each of these items and add a row to my destination sheet. I can get it to add rows, but not carry over the data retrieved from the parent workflow. I am sure that it is just a matter of syntax that I am missing. I need help or pointed to instructions on how to pass the data gathered in the array run in the parent workflow to each run in the child workflow.

I am calling the child workflow and for number of runs I am using the data link to the array holding the data: {{states.Get RM}}

In the Child Workflow I have a Smartsheet: Add Row. I have all of the cells listed that I want to put the data into, I just need to know how to link it back. I tried to use the reference to the first record in the array, but it only pastes the text into the Sheet.