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Enhancement Request: Allow downloading Activity Log

J. Craig Williams
J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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Today I ran into something I occasionally run into: wanting to enter an exception to an Auto-Number column entry.

Example: I have a sheet with an Auto-Number column. It has been in use for a while. Maybe it was created by a customer and I'm coming in to help. What I want to do is add a row or two at the top of the sheet to explain features or functionality of the sheet. I add the row and then my OCD kicks in. I really don't want to see Q013 in the first row and I don't want to hide it (using white font color) because I don't want the next row added below to be Q014. 

I know this may not be very important. I have argued the other side of this with customers before. But -- having row 1 be Q013 WILL impact sorting of the sheet, as there won't be a state to return to after sorting temporarily for another view, so maybe there is validity to the request.

What I would like to do (as Admin) is to either:

1. Temporarily disable auto-numbering features, any new rows would not be subject to the auto-numbering. It should probably reset to on when the sheet is closed. 


2. Allow Admins to edit new rows (perhaps existing rows, I'm on the fence about this one) in a similar manner that we can overwrite Drop Down columns that have restrictions turned on. 

The work-around does not take too long (changing column to Text/Number and then back again), but it will still save some time if I didn't need to do it. Any that work-around has been documented several times on the Community because someone want to have some sort of exception to their own auto numbered entries.

This request has also be posted to the Form




  • The trick....

    1st - temporarily change the auto-number column back to Text (your previous auto number remains in place as text.

    Next - add the new rows and in the auto-number column -- put something like a period to serve as a placeholder so that an auto # won't override.

    Then - turn back the Auto-Number.  It should leave your original auto # in place AND not override your periods (or placeholder).

    And FINALLY for the OCD in us (me too) -- I don't want to see the placeholder character on that row (or other things like created by / modified by if I have those columns) -- you just change the font color in those cells to match the background color of those cells.

    Hope this helps.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for expanding on the work-around. That should help the people that don't know it.


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