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I need to add an IF statement into an INDEX MATCH formula that pulls the system size of a column if it is not blank.

This formula will be on sheet #1 and needs to be an IF, INDEX, MATCH. Sheet #2 will have the actual system size column and Sheet #3 will have the target system size column. The formula should pull from sheet #2 (actual size) but if no value is present, then it should pull from sheet #3. All sheets have a column, Project ID, which is what we will INDEX MATCH with.

Is it possible to put this all in a formula?


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    Hi @swaldon2,

    This should give you what you're after.

    =IF(NOT(ISBLANK(INDEX({Actual Size}, MATCH([Project ID]@row, {Project ID 1})))), INDEX({Actual Size}, MATCH([Project ID]@row, {Project ID 1})), INDEX({Target Size}, MATCH([Project ID]@row, {Project ID 2})))

    {Project ID 1} and {Project ID 2} are cell references to the project id in Sheet 2 and Sheet 3.

    Hope this helps,



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