Meeting Minutes Filter – per published item formula

I have created a meeting minutes filter where when I select the published date (or meeting minute #) it will publish only the date of that particular meeting minute date it was created or any due date falling on that date.  

What I want to add is the attendees list for that date, where I want to put an X in a column to indicate the attendees for that particular date. I have helper columns where I mark up the attendees for a particular date, but this won't be seen in the actual published document to maintain a clean document. Given that this is a live document, has anyone tried creating a formula where the visible list of attendees will automatically show the actual attendees for a particular date if the meeting number is changed? The "X" beside their names would be a formula that shows the link coming from the helper column where I have the actual data of the attendance for that day. 

So , if I change the meeting number, the X on the attendees list will also change based on the meeting number. 


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