Formula Issue - Email Addresses

Hello, I am running into an issue of automations and triggers not working because of multiple email addresses in a cell. As you will see in the Dashboard screenshot attached, rows 2 and 3 that have one email address listed under the "College/Department Designee Email" column is leading to all appropriate workflow actions - "College/Unit Review" is "Submitted" and that leads to the "Stage" changing to "a. In Review by College/Unit".

However, as you will see on the top row (row 1), where multiple email addresses are listed under the "College/Department Designee Email" column, the flow is disrupted. This leads me to believe that the use of multiple email addresses is what is causing the issue.

I have provided screenshots of the formulas used in columns "College/Department Designee Name" and "College/Department Designee Email" in the case that I need to revise something in either of those formulas so that the use of multiple (as many as four) email addresses does not halt the flow of triggers/automations.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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