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Each week I update a spreadsheet with project budget #'s and would like for the Dashboard Widgets associated to this project to automatically pick up the new weeks data, without me having to go in and reselect the widgets rows/columns that it is pulling its data from.

I've tried selecting the specific column from column line 1 to column line 50 hoping that it would grab the new data added each week. But it resorts to just the rows that the current data exists in and I have to go in and edit the widget with each and every update.

Is there a way to this can be done?


  • jessica.smith
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    It's definitly possible to create widgets that automatically update, but I think you will need to provide more information about how you have this set up to get assistance.

  • AMF

    What further information would you need for me to get assistance? The steps of my process are

    a) update $#'s on a master project spreadsheet

    b) the automation on the master project spreadsheet then pulls the newly added data to a second spreadsheet (which is a historical log of $ data input for the project each week) that second spreadsheet is then connected to the projects dashboard widget.

    c) the widget graph should then reflect the second spreadsheets data to include what was just added, but it does not. I have to manually open the widget editor and reselect the log data which resets our widget graph to default settings.

  • DKazatsky2
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    Hi @AMF,

    Instead of having your graph connected to a section of a sheet, try making a report out of the information and then graphing from that. The report will always update, and in turn, so will the graph.

    Alternatively, setup a "metric" sheet that captures all the information in real time from the base sheet and connect your chart widget to that.

    Hope this helps,


  • Maz Pate
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    Hi @AMF,

    I agree with @DKazatsky2 I have many dashboards that update as new metrics are gathered by automated weekly forms into a sheet and have found that creating reports from the sheet, work much better and automate without having to keep checking than using a sheet.

    Good luck


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