How do I automatically reset baselines when project start date is populated with cell link?


Currently we have a blueprint that includes a Project Plan template with a pre-built timeline that utilizes predecessors and successors to project various milestone dates. We recently updated our process to use submission data from a form on the Intake Sheet to automatically populate the start date in the Project Plan. This setup successfully adjusts the timeline of the milestones dynamically based on the anticipated start date per the project request submission.

The issue we're having is that the baselines don't automatically reset to match the new start date - the baseline was tied to the previous template setup which used an arbitrary date range that the Project Managers had to manually update when starting a project. 

We would like to maintain our existing permissions setup where Project Managers are Editors, however, as of today, only Admins can reset the baselines.

We have created workflows to manually reset baselines as part of the process for spinning up a new project, but I was curious if we're missing something in our configuration that will automatically reset or dynamically update the baselines based on the project's start date during the creation of the project.


  • che.rabajante
    che.rabajante ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @jprovo227

    As of now, Smartsheet doesn't have automated functionality for resetting baselines. This means you'll need to manually update the baseline values for your project tasks whenever necessary. This process involves accessing the baseline settings, adjusting the values, and saving the changes.

    Hope this helps!


  • jprovo227
    jprovo227 ✭✭✭

    Hi @che.rabajante

    I had a feeling that was the case, but wanted to ask the Community just to make sure.

    I'll submit an idea to the Product team.