Unable to populate sheet summary fields

Kate_Wolf ✭✭
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Hello! I have a smartsheet that is frequently copied to another sheet (essentially used as a template) where the summary sheet section has a few fields expected to be populated. We are running into a problem where is some cases we cannot click on the field in the sheet summary section at all to populate it. (the field outline is entirely missing)

Recently, I've had two users who are unable to populate the fields at all, but others have no problem. The two users are not licensed but neither are some of the other users who can populate the fields without issue.

Even when the user makes me the owner of the sheet (licensed and Admin), I am unable to populate the fields. But I can do so on other sheets where users have made me the owner.

Does anyone know why the sheet summary fields may restrict population on some sheets but not others?

I've included two screen shots from two sheets that show the difference. Both of these sheets were copied from the same source sheet. The first is missing the field boxes and the second is not.

Thank you!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Kate_Wolf

    Can I double check the Plan type of the users who own the sheets that you're unable to edit? Sheet Summary is a feature of Business or Enterprise plans.

    The other thing to check is the unlicensed user's sharing permissions: unlicensed Admins can edit Summary content, but unlicensed Editors cannot. (See the Permissions box in this article: Define your work with sheet summary)

    If this doesn't explain your situation, please contact Smartsheet Support with a screen recording and the sheet URL where you are unable to edit content.



  • Kate_Wolf

    Hi @Genevieve P.

    We have the Enterprise plan and all users with or without license are set to Admins on the files. I am fully licensed and am also an Admin on the sheets and on some of them we can update the sheet summary fields and on others we cannot but the permissions are the same across the sheets. I have submitted a support ticket for additional help. Thank you for your reply.