CountIF + Contains + Another Sheet

edited 03/18/24 in Formulas and Functions

Hello - I would like to update this formula to reference another sheet and am having trouble. Any help would be appreciated! The formula below works if I use it as a Summary field on the current tracking sheet:

=COUNTIF([Project Type]:[Project Type], CONTAINS("AMS Leak Detection", @cell))

But I'd like to reference that sheet on a different one instead so I can pull it into a dashboard. Below is my current attempt but I am getting an #UNPARSABLE error.

Current attempt: =COUNTIF([{SC_Project Type}]:[{SC_Project Type}], CONTAINS("AMS Leak Detection", @cell))

I am wondering if this type of formula doesn't work with referencing another sheet at all. The column in the other sheet is called {SC_Project Type}


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