I want to count the number of "training" for Elter Wilson on 3/6/24. What would the COUNTIF statement look like? Also what if I had a 4th criteria of Pass? I am creating a results report so need to reference this other sheet.

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    Hey @Jen_Gray

    I see you marked Paul's response as not answering your question. He's correct that a COUNTIFS with an S is the way to go! The link above has examples of how to built it out.

    This is an example formula in your case:

    =COUNTIFS({Training Column}, "Training", {Representative Column}, "Elter Wilson", {Date Column}, DATE(2024, 03, 06))

    Keep in mind each {range} is one you will need to manually create by finding the correct column to reference as you build the formula. See: Cross-sheet formulas

    On a side note, it may be easier to create a Report to get this data. Your Report filter would be each of your criteria (Training & Date) and then you could GROUP by the Representative and use the SUMMARY feature to count how many rows appear in that sheet. Reports with one level of Grouping and Summary can be used for charts. Here's a free webinar with more information: Redesigned Reports with Grouping and Summary Functions




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