Formula to get sheet summary to update percentage complete based on any value in a specific column

Hello Community!

I am very novice to data formulas and have tried a combination of a few to try to get a result. Any guidance will be appreciated!

Here's the formula where I get an #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error:

=100 * COUNTIFS([Primary Practice Area]:[Primary Practice Area], ="Aquatics", NOT(ISBLANK(Decision:Decision)) / (COUNTIF([Primary Practice Area]:[Primary Practice Area], ="Aquatics")))

I did a little more digging and saw this <>"" function and tried that instead but got an INVALID OPERATION error:

=100 * COUNTIFS([Primary Practice Area]:[Primary Practice Area], ="Aquatics", Decision:Decision, <>"" / (COUNTIF([Primary Practice Area]:[Primary Practice Area], ="Aquatics")))

The Decision column has a dropdown menu to select a status. It doesn't matter what is selected as long as it's not blank. I need a read out of the percentage complete of the sheet based on if the Primary Practice Area has a selection (in this case Aquatics), and if so there is a value in the Decision column. So if there are 200 rows for Aquatics, and only 10 have a value in the Decision column, I'll need it to show me 5%.

Thank you in advance!


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