Smartsheet and Genesys Cloud

edited 03/19/24 in Formulas and Functions

Hello we are using Smartsheet and sending emails to Gensys Cloud for automated email routing. We are having an issue that when the agent replies to the email, the automatic process is to reply to the FROM email address, which happens to be the Smartsheet email. We need it to go back to the actual person who filled out the form and not the default box. We are trying to change the email so that the person who filled out the form is in the FROM field or the setting in the reply TO includes that persons email address. does anyone have a solution for this?


  • Good morning,

    We also use Genesys Cloud, currently would love to audit in straight into the system, but the reporting functions are limited to get data back out. Do you know if there are integrations to enter audits into smartsheets and auto populate the results both to smartsheets and feed back into Genesys Cloud interactions?

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