Trying to get the number of instances of a value from a column with a dropdown list property

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I have a field (column) in my source sheet named [Hub/Site CLLI]@row that I need to find the number of instances contained in a drop down list named {Tinas node_comparison - All CLLIs} in the target sheet. When found I need to count the number of instances of the "NTODAANODE Ticket #" found in the target sheet. This is noted as {Tinas node_comparison - NTODAANODE Ticket #} in the formula.

When I run the function below, I keep getting a count of "0" even though I know that the [Hub/Site CLLI]@row is located in a dropdown list in the target sheet's {Tinas node_comparison - All CLLIs} column.

=SUMIF({Tinas node_comparison - NTODAANODE Ticket #}, CONTAINS([Hub/Site CLLI]@row, {Tinas node_comparison - All CLLIs}))

With the information I provided, can you suggest what I may be doing incorrectly?


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