Can't get remove invalid operation on this

Hi Smartsheet's team,

Appreciate to help me out as i have these formulas that i am trying to add another function of showing blank if no data has been uploaded.

for PR duration

For PC target submission

As you could see it works if the cell has a date but when it is still empty i can see this #invalid operaiton. Is there a another arguement i can add to have it seen as blanks if empty?


  • heyjay
    heyjay ✭✭✭✭✭

    I tried to copy your set up and mine shows OK, and I receive no error. Just some notes to check:

    1. Make sure all column dates are set to date format.
    2. Delete those blank rows.
    3. Make the column with formula as column formula

    PR Duration Date = 
    IF(ISBLANK([PC Sent Date]@row), 
    (TODAY() - (IF(ISBLANK([PR Ext Due Date]@row), 
    [PR Due Date]@row, 
    [PR Due Date]@row))), 
    IF(ISBLANK([PR Ext Due Date]@row), 
    ([PC Sent Date]@row - [PR Due Date]@row), 
    ([PC Sent Date]@row - [PR Due Date]@row)))

    PC Target Submission = 
    IF(ISBLANK([PR Duration Date]@row), "", 
    IF([PR Duration Date]@row < 1, 
    "On Time", 


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