Duplicate a form but connect to a different sheet


Our organization has multiple locations, and we need to share and collect similar information at each. I've created a form that I'd like to replicate with minor edits for each location, and I'd like to collect all of the form responses in different sheets so that Location A will only see responses from their form, while Location B will see responses from their form on their own sheet. In short, it took me awhile to make the form, and I'd rather copy it than start from scratch for each of the many locations.

"Duplicate" seems to connect the new form to the original sheet, and "save as new" seems to create a new form connected to both the original sheet and a new one. What am I missing?

Thank you!


  • brianschmidt
    brianschmidt ✭✭✭✭✭

    When you "save as new", are you saving the sheet as new? It should work to where when you save the sheet as new, it creates a new "copied" form associated with that new sheet. Note that it also is then accessed using a different link. So, you would need to go into that new sheet and grab the link for the separate form. Otherwise, if you use the same link, the submissions will appear in the old sheet.

    Also, as a side note, when you save as new, be sure that "Forms" is checked in the information needing to be copied.

    Hope this helps!:)