Can you use one Form that will link to multiple sheets depending on the inputs on the form?


I have two sheets and right now each one has its own intake form. Our business gets confused about when to submit to which form so we end up with a lot of redundancy. I would be great if we could have one intact form that depending on the selections of the submitter went to one sheet or the other.


  • Scott Orsey
    Scott Orsey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Yvonne Munoz , I have a solution, but you'll need to judge for yourself if it is worth the effort:

    Copy one of your existing sheets which will also copy the Form. Within that sheet do the following:

    1) Delete all the contents

    2) Modify the data fields (as minimally as possible) and your form so that you can accept answers for both scenarios. Make sure you have a field that indicates which sheet it will belong in. This field will be a sort of traffic cop and direct the information to the correct sheet.

    3) Set up an automation for when rows are added. Set up a condition that branches based on your traffic cop field. Within each condition, use the "move rows" feature to move the row to the appropriate sheet.

    Now every time someone submits the form, the automation will fire and send the row to the correct sheet.

    Hope this helps. Be well!

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