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I've recently learned due to our finance system, we are duplicating spend amounts, so I now need to eliminate all items listed as closed in the sheet where the names and totals live.

I have searched and tried multiple formulas, but I must be missing something small. I have an existing formula, which finds all vendors with a single name and sums the total amount committed to them.

I have used a not, and excluder, and on. My original formula is =SUMIFS({Total}, {Vendor}, 2 = Vendor3)

Two of My Last Attempts are Below

=SUMIFS(({Total}, {Vendor}, 2 = Vendor2), AND({PO Status}, @row <>"Closed"))

=SUMIFS(({Total}, {Vendor}, 2 = Vendor2), {PO Status}, @cell <>"Closed")

This is a screenshot of where the formula lives

And a screen shot of the other sheet where the data lives

What am I missing?

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