formula for point in time averages


Hi, I have a sheet that has averages for various things such as how long it takes from date a job control closes to when interviews are held. I have to report in 2 week increments - by the individual area -- for example district 1 held interview 01/01/24 thru 01/15/24, then again on 01/16/24 thru 01/31/24 -- I need to show how many interviews were held inbetween these two sets of dates -- of cousre it's for all our districts (12), so I'm first pulling an average of all of the interviews and then I'd like to break out the averages by the weeks -- s =AVERAGEIF(AND(District:District = "3", [Days to Submit FJO Request from FFD]:[Days to Submit FJO Request from FFD], [Round 1: 1st Interview Date]:[Round 1: 1st Interview Date], >=DATE(2024, 1, 1), <=2024, 1, 15) -- and I have 7 metrics (averages) for the hiring process that I have to provide ... any help or advice would be appreciated


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