Count Providers Who Make either Pediatric or Perinatal Call


I am attempting to count the number of providers who make either a pediatric or perinatal related call. I have this formula:

=COUNTIFS([Provider Name]28:[Provider Name]38, OR([# Pediatric Calls]28:[# Pediatric Calls]38, >0, [# Perinatal Calls]28:[# Perinatal Calls]38, >0))

I keep getting an #INVALID error.

Best Answer

  • Courtney Coules
    Answer ✓

    That was close, here's what ended up working:

    =COUNTIFS([Provider Name]28:[Provider Name]38, <>"", [# Pediatric Calls]28:[# Pediatric Calls]38, >0) + COUNTIFS([Provider Name]28:[Provider Name]38, <>"", [# Perinatal Calls]28:[# Perinatal Calls]38, >0)


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