Choosing Best "Primary Column"


I'm getting ready to upload an excel spreadsheet that holds all of my current projects.

This will be the template for our group to use for all of their projects going forward and will feed reports and dashboards.

I want to be sure I am selecting the best column for the primary column from the beginning to ensure the best outcome as we build it.

Each of our projects are specific to a building and each building has a unique number assigned.

We have different types of projects, new, remodel, special etc.

Should I use our unique identifier as the project number? There are times when a property will have multiple projects but they typically would not be ACTIVE at the same time. One would complete and another will come up.

Any recommendations truly appreciated! I've gone through the FAQ's and discussions and can't really find a good answer. Generally, it's how a user would search for a project - so if that is the case the unique id would be perfect. But if that building has multiple projects, will it allow it?

Thank you!

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