Cross Sheet Input Numbers


I need to imput numbers from a different sheet using

=Count for each line. If someone has a better structure idea this could be put into that would be appreciated. The issue I having to report numbers per month on the smartsheet using only cross sheet referencing.

What i have come up with so far is =Countif({C Type}, "300", {Operational Date}, "Mar 24")

The issue i have is to change that Mar 24 for each month for the numbers to be inputted. For now all numbers have been calculated manually and put in there


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Archie123456

    What I've seen other members do with a sheet like this is to have a Top Row locked with the value to search for. Then you can simply reference the cell in the top instead of typing in something in quotes. That way you can drag-fill the formula left and right and it will change based on what value is in that top cell.

    For example:

    =COUNTIFS({C Type}, "300", {Operational Date}, [Mar-24]$1)

    That $1 means it locks the reference to the FIRST row of the column [Mar-24]. Does that make sense?



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