Does anyone know how to set up an old form link to redirect to a new form?

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I have a Smartsheet Workspace that I've been using as a database for several years now. I've recently realized that the way the data is structured (how things move from sheets>reports>dynamic views>dashboards etc.) is not optimal. I am re-designing the workspace to better meet user needs.

I've debated making the edits in the existing workspace or building out a new one from scratch, and believe I am going to take the latter route (unless someone has ideas why I should go with the former!).

There's a very important form living in a sheet on the current workspace, that most of my organization uses. So, if we build from scratch there'd be a big issue since most folks have the existing form bookmarked, and we'd want them to move over to a new one. Is there a way to redirect the URL of the existing form to the URL of the (yet to be built) new form?

If there isn't, the only other workaround we've thought of is have a notice on the old form that links to the new one.

(Note: I am not a developer and don't have developer access to Smartsheet, but this sounded like the closest 'category' based on the topic).

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