Filter Comments


Hi. I would like to be able to filter for rows that have new comments in them that I have not read before. So, it has the little orange dot on it. Right now I have to scroll through a large SmartSheet to find the new comments. How do I filter for the rows that have the little orange dot?


  • JRobinson

    Do you mean comments section on the left of the primary column? If so, I think you could create a column called "Latest Comment" that shows the most recent comment for each row. Then possibly you could apply a filter for the Latest Comment column that organizes from newest to oldest? Other than that I'm not sure myself, but I'm sure there is likely a more elegant solution.

    Justin Robinson


    City of Murfreesboro

    Information Technology

  • Tolson

    Thank you! I did try the latest comment column but did not see a way to sort them based on date, or add conditioning to show which ones I have not read yet. I wish I could click on the orange dot "column" in the primary and have them sort by orange dot.