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Hello, I have a Project Management consulting business focusing in medical device and healthcare. We have been using smartsheet for 8 years. Loved it when I first found it and it just keeps getting better. We are now helping life science industries and healthcare facilities to set up Project Management Offices (PMO) via smartsheet tools. We have created some additions to the PMO modules in smartsheet that make an extremely efficient PMO system that is completely integrated horizontally and vertically. Our consultants are very experienced in this industry and by adding smartsheet to their tools, we have increased our service value exponentially.

Excited to join this group and see where the new challenges are focused. steph.allison@rb-lb.com


  • Stephanie_G

    Interesting. I'm in a drug development consultancy serving the pharma and biotech space. I'd be curious to learn what best practices you've implemented with your team in a consulting practice. My team is only about one and a half or so years into our journey. Would you be open to sharing some here?

  • Steph
    Steph ✭✭

    Sure. My specialists are subject matter experts in the area as well as exceptional project managers. Most of my folks are very experienced. With these backgrounds, we are able to develop project plans that are very accurate, easy to follow and flexible. We have been using smartsheet for 8 years or so as our go to tool for project management, so we have developed our own modules that create a completely integrated project management systems. Not only are we able to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the PM’s we have significantly reduced meeting times and increased the successful completion rates of projects.

    Not sure how specific you wanted to get? A lot of room for improvement in the space. I wish your team the best of luck and happy to talk more if you need to.