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This is a space for Smartsheet users that work in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry to connect, share ideas, challenges, best practices and how you are using Smartsheet to transform Healthcare & Life Sciences. 

Our Smartsheet team will be sharing helpful resources, upcoming industry events, discussion questions, and more. You’ll see us jumping in from time to time, but first and foremost, this space is yours to connect and collaborate with peers.

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  • Where do you work and what’s your department/role?
  • How long have you been using Smartsheet?
  • How are you using Smartsheet today or planning to in the future?
  • What would you like to learn from your peers in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry?



  • Andria Hoyle
    Andria Hoyle Overachievers

    I'm Andria in Seattle and I work for Pfizer, in Oncology MFG Materials Planning and I've been using Smartsheet for a few years. I especially love Smartsheet for collaborating with internal and external partners with Dynamic View and Data Shuttle.

    I'd love to learn about how others are influencing change in their orgs which exemplify how leveraging Smartsheet saves resources!

  • Ciro Moreno

    Hi everyone! I'm Ciro from Argentina, I work at IQVIA and I'm a data analyst for the Medical Information department.

    I've been using Smartsheet for a year when I was appointed to implement both an FTE tracker and a Absence Calendar that are used in multiple projects, I was surprised to see the adoption this tool had by leads and coordinators and it's now their go to tool for resourcing and planning.

    I have used some of the advance features like Data Shuttle to sync data from old Excel trackers that has aloud smooth team transition to Smartsheet. plans are to expand it's use to other hubs and integrate data from company HR data services.

    I'm interested to meet others that are using it to build solutions in Healthcare, collaborate and navigate together this great tool that is smartsheet.


    Ciro Moreno

  • Sherry Fox
    Sherry Fox ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I am so excited to be here! My name is Sherry Fox. I am a Project Analyst over at Medtronic (Medical Devices) (working remotely from Poinciana, FL) in the Core Quality Services (QMS Transformation) department, which is basically Quality Services . I have been a Project Analyst / Business Analyst for 15+ years, specializing in process improvement for the last 10 years. I did not know Smartsheet until I came to Medtronic, and my boss got me an Admin license and I dove into the deep end, that was about 2 years ago! A lot has happened in 2 years, I have become a Leader, Ambassador, and Community Champion to name a few.

    I create many custom projects within Smartsheet. While the templates are great, my boss loves to push the envelope on my knowledge. I like to give her a hard time about the EPIC project that truly tested my ability to create automation and allow everything to calculate multiple metrics. This was a project she gave me a deck of 2 slides with her details and said famously said (back when I was struggling) "It makes sense in my head". I mastered that one, so I enjoy reminding her of that challenge. As well as always ready to take on the next "it can't be done" project.

    The templates are great, however since I am a BA with a forte in Excel for Process Improvement, that normally means I start with a blank workbook, creating everything from scratch. I would like to learn about better ways to create automations within Smartsheet. I am great at it in Excel, and now it is time for me to "excel" at it (automations of entire processes) within Smartsheet.

    Sherry Fox

    Business System Data Analyst

    Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical

    EAP | Mobilizer | Automagician | Superstar | Community Champion


  • khickman
    khickman ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello! I work for Immanuel Communities and we are a retirement care nonprofit in the Midwest. I work in our IT Department as a EHR/Data Specialist supporting our PACE Program (3 clinics), our AL communities, and projects utilizing Smartsheet. I've been using Smartsheet for almost 4 year and don't have any plan to stop using it. :-)

    I hope to learn how others utilize smartsheet - whether for data collection and/or project management.

  • Lauren Dominique
    Lauren Dominique ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey folks! My name is Lauren Dominique and I am an Executive Assistant at Connecticut Children’s, a nonprofit healthcare system dedicated to improving the physical and emotional health of children through family centered care, research, education and advocacy. Specifically, I work in our Office for Community Child Health— what I like to describe as the “preventative arm” of the hospital. My department facilitates community-facing programming that targets critical issues that have the potential to adversely affect children’s health, development, and overall wellbeing.

    👉How long have you been using Smartsheet?

    I’ve been using Smartsheet since I joined Connecticut Children’s in January 2021.

    👉How are you using Smartsheet today or planning to in the future?

    As a non-profit organization facilitating work in benefit of our local community, the programs in my department rely heavily on grant funding. Smartsheet has proven to be a major asset when it comes to reporting back to funders on project progress, key metrics, and finances.

    👉 What would you like to learn from your peers in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry?

    I'd love to know what my peers in this industry are doing to support Smartsheet adoption across a large group of stakeholders with varying levels of familiarity/comfort working in the platform.

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  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Sam Mueller. I am a business analyst for a mid sized health system in central Illinois, Memorial Health. My main responsibility these days is running Smartsheet for the organization, managing current processes and helping new departments get set up. We (and I) have been using Smartsheet for about 3 years now, and it has grown from one small toolkit and department to over 35 distinct use cases, and still growing. These use cases range from project management to ServiceNow Integrations, to community class registration forms, and more.

    One thing I was hoping to learn from others here is how they handle HIPAA information in Smartsheet, and what they put in their organization policy's around using Smartsheet.

  • KMueller
    KMueller ✭✭✭

    I hope everyone is having a good day!

    My name is Katie Mueller. I work for a healthcare system in Illinois, Memorial Health, as a Program Manager. I have enjoyed seeing our organization grow with the use of Smartsheet over the almost 2 years I have been here. I am excited to hear how others are utilizing Smartsheet in this industry to help our departments cut down on wasteful work and redundant processes.

    We have been lucky enough to have a Smartsheet Overachiever, Sam Mueller, on our team who keeps the ideas and possibilities flowing, which has also helped our team and organization grow immensely in our Smartsheet knowledge. Find him on the community if you're struggling with something!

  • MarjorieP

    Hello everyone!

    I am currently in the design phase of our Smartsheet solution. My main focus will be on the application features and training of our project management team.

  • Carly Chaput
    Carly Chaput ✭✭✭✭

    My name is Carly Chaput, I am a Project Manager within my company's Program Management team. I'm somewhere around 2 years of using Smartsheet and I only wish I had found it sooner. I think this industry focused forum is a phenomenal idea! Last year I attended the BioPharma PM conference and one of the speakers casually asked how many of us were using Smartsheet, I would estimate that no less than 90% of the hands in the room went up. I think it's the only platform that's simple and easy for users to adopt while also having the ability to manage extraordinarily complex projects/programs and data all linked together. We recently rolled out control center as a program management team and so far adoption has been wonderfully smooth while also showcasing the power of the platform. I can already see the wheels turning in people's minds when they think about how Smartsheet could be better meeting their needs. I'm excited to see what comes out of this industry forum since I know many of us face similar challenges, and despite being at competing companies, we all have the greater good in mind, working towards a healthier future.

    Carly Chaput, PMP (she/her)

    Project Manager | Program Management


  • Kari G
    Kari G ✭✭✭✭
    🔷 Where do you work and what’s your department/role?

    I work for Surepoint Medical Centers, I am the Administrative Assistant at our Corporate office. I am newer to the Healthcare Industry, but I love it. We have 13 free-standing Emergency Rooms, and 1 Urgent Care facility.

    🔷 How long have you been using Smartsheet?

    I have been using SmartSheet for 6 years (1 year at Surepoint, 5 years at 9-1-1 (previous company))

    🔷 How are you using Smartsheet today or planning to in the future?

    I am the creator and implementor of all things SmartSheet for our company, all facilities use the forms and audits we have. We use it for lots of Internal Audits, our Patient Satisfaction Survey, Monthly reporting, automated notifications, and update requests. Sometimes when I say "Why don't we put that in SmartSheet?", I get grumbles, until they realize how much easier it makes the process. 

    🔷 What would you like to learn from your peers in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry?

    I can't wait to read through and see how SmartSheet is being utilized in the Healthcare industry.

  • Breanna
    Breanna ✭✭

    Hello Team!

    My name is Breanna Inguanti and I am an IT Project Manager at a biopharmaceutical company. We are focused on the development and commercialisation of therapeutic and diagnostic (‘theranostic’) radiopharmaceuticals.

    I was working with the Program Management team on the implementation of Smartsheet a little over 2 years ago, and since then the adoption and growth across the whole organisation has been exponential. Our current use cases include, but are not limited to:

    1. Program Management
    2. Internal Change Management
    3. Governance
    4. Budget Management

    I would be very interested in any feedback regarding how other users in the industry are taking advantage of the integrations and API connectors. I would also be interested in how everyone else is managing data redundancy and disaster recovery at a Domain level.

    Breanna Inguanti

    IT Project Manager

  • Ray Lindstrom
    Ray Lindstrom ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Smartsheet Community!

    I work in the Healthcare industry. I'm going on 3 years in the industry. Sometimes I feel like there's more about this industry to learn than there is time to learn it.

    Where do you work and what’s your department/role?

    I work for Optum (part of UHG) as a Sr Business Configuration Analyst where I develop in Smartsheet full-time.

    How long have you been using Smartsheet?

    I've been using Smartsheet for just shy of 3 years now.

    How are you using Smartsheet today or planning to in the future?

    I use Smartsheet for many things, but by far my most common usage is for Project/Portfolio management.

    What would you like to learn from your peers in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry?

    I'd like to learn more about how others are leveraging Smartsheet for their Healthcare industry needs.

  • Kimberly Slavsky

    Hello everyone!

    I am Kimberly and I work at a health sciences center. I have over 20 years of experience in healthcare. I am the Operational Data Manager for my department, which basically means build and manage everything in Smartsheet. It's a pretty cool job. I have worked with Smartsheet for just over 4 years.

    How are you using Smartsheet today or planning to in the future?

    I currently use Smartsheet for process management and improvement with our HR team, our Faculty Affairs team, our Procurement Team and then special projects throughout our 6 divisions. I also am one of the main points of contact for the school when people have questions about something, as our university is just now getting more departments/schools to utilize the program. In the future, I want to learn how to more effectively integrate Smartsheet processes into projects.

    What would you like to learn from your peers in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry?

    I am open to networking and brainstorming for Smartsheet. I also like to learn proven practices that others use Smartsheet for that I could possibly integrate into my work.

    Nice to 'meet' you all!

    Kimberly S. Slavsky, MPAcc, MS (She/Her)

    Operations Principal Professional |Department of Psychiatry

    University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

    CU Anschutz Staff Council Vice Chair

    University of Colorado Staff Council Vice Chair