Trying to get formula to show blank in a cell if the date column is blank

John Loushin
John Loushin ✭✭
edited 04/05/24 in Formulas and Functions


I am using this formula in a summary field to grab the most recent entry. I do this by have a 2nd column that converts the enter date into just the month format. If the date field is blank it causes an invalid data type which then populates in the summary field. Here is what I am using:

=INDEX([Member Service Level MTD]:[Member Service Level MTD], MATCH(MAX(COLLECT([Date of Service]:[Date of Service], Month:Month, "April", [Member Service Level MTD]:[Member Service Level MTD], NOT(ISBLANK(@cell)))), [Date of Service]:[Date of Service], 0))

I wasn't quite able to make the formula work to make my month column blank if there is no date in the Date of Service column. I want to get rid of the invalid data type.


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