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I currently have a Smartsheet that has a calculated date field. So for example a Requester has an entry date and then we calculate the due date field using a column formula.

The formula used to be just Requestor Entry Date @ row +3 to set it 3 days forward. However, the issue came up where entries on a Friday would show due as Monday which was shorter than expected.

I changed the column formula in the Due Date field to use =WORKDAY([Requested Date]@row, 3) which has worked for keeping it to 3 business days instead of just 3 days.

Here comes the part I'm struggling with (not great with formulas). In every form entry there is a field called Urgent which is just a drop down Yes/No.

What they would like to see happen is if Urgent = Yes, then something more like Requestor Entry Date @row +1 (for next business day) but if no, then =WORKDAY([Requested Date]@row, 3) to keep the 3 business days.

I've tried variations of this but keep getting Incorrect argument or parameter errors.

=IF([Urgent]@row, "No", (WORKDAY([Requested Date]@row, 3), [Requested Date]@row +1))

Can someone guide me on the proper syntax to make this work if possible ?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Gillian C
    Gillian C ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @tovythomas

    Try this formula

    =IF(Urgent@row = "Yes", WORKDAY([Requested Date]@row, 1), WORKDAY([Requested Date]@row, 3))

    It looks like you just grouped the true and false parts of your if statement.

  • tovythomas

    Thanks, I actually had just talked that over with a teammate here and he mentioned the same.

    I think i got cross eyed and just kept doing the same thing. I ended up using the same thing you just did it and got i to work.

    =IF(Urgent@row = "No", WORKDAY([Requested Date]@row, 3), WORKDAY([Requested Date]@row, 1))

    Thank you for your help.

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