For dashboard purposes- differentiation to lines with a planned date to lines with no planned date


Hi all, 

I am looking for a bit of help with providing mitigation to my client for both servicing and remedials. This is within the facilities management sector for many retail buildings. 

so I have both my servicing which is drived by IF formulas and my remedial section too drived by IF formulas. I have plenty of workflows in , one of which for servicing provides a ‘request an update’ form sent out to the suppliers to provide a planned date , and then very similar process for the remedials where it will also send a request via form to the suppliers to provide an ETA which is driven the ‘PO Number’ column- which is manually entered by my team. This then drives the form to be sent out showing the PO number etc, but the prompt is for the ETA column to be filled out. 

I am looking to provide mitigation to the client to show the amount of ‘approaching’ services (due that month or in the next 30 days and these lines turn amber when 30 days away) what have a planned date against the ones what don’t have a planned date. 

same process for the remedials , I am looking to show mitigation for the ‘overdue remedials’ which have a planned date against what doesn’t have a planned date. 

looking for the formulas and the process here please. I have an idea what to do but not entirely sure. 

thanks all for the support

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