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long time user but now have a new team account - help!

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I have a question about web forms.  I have a sheet that has an associated web form. When we log into the iOS app, it shows the sheet but shows that there are no web forms.  How do I get to the form?  We will be using it for data collection to open bank accounts and I wanted to be able to access the form from within the app.  Thanks!


  • Marcus Odum
    Marcus Odum ✭✭✭✭

    This may be by design. I have the android app, and I do not see it either. Honestly, I never looked for it. Are you trying to create a form using the app? I would assume that may be tricky due the varying controls and layout. You may be better off using the site to create your forms. From there you verify the form on your mobile device by sending a link to yourself. (If sending to mobile users is your use case.)

  • 6STEP | Rohann

    I agree with Marcus.  I would set up a site and include a shortcut widget and shortcut to the Webform.  I use this regularly and it works well.


    Hope this help.

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