Nested IF formula with Status colors


i am using a nested if formula, with HAS and a status ball colors.

If a person is trained on a SOP-Green (crosslinking data from sheet 1)

If not -Red (crosslinking data from sheet 1)

If author of the SOP- Yellow (crosslinking data from sheet 2)

Here is the current f-la, that works for Green and Red (same sheet), NOT for the Yellow status:( different sheet)

=IF(COUNTIFS({Copy of Copy of FOR902A Test 1 Name}, [Employee Name (First,Last)]@row, {FOR902A Test 1 Doc.Ttile}, HAS(@cell, "SOP810.03 Receiving Procedure")) > 0, "Green", "" + IF(COUNTIFS({Authors}, [Employee Name (First,Last)]@row, {SOP name}, HAS(@cell, "SOP810.03 Receiving Procedure")) > 0, "Yellow", "Red"))

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