Aggregating Data (9 sheets for 40 different clients)


Hello, I have 9 identical sheets (obviously data within them differs) for 40 clients that I'd like to aggregate. The clients fall under 3 verticals and those 3 verticals roll up to one division. I have trying to aggregate the data through cross references but somehow have maxed that out (maybe I am approaching wrong?). Ultimately I would like to have aggregated data for reports/dashboard for each vertical and then the cumulative data from the 3 verticals rolls up into the division report

As an example, I have one sheet titled "Sample Compensation Transactions" (see attached). I would have one of these for each of the 40 clients. I would like to aggregate the count of total transactions; number of request types (overload vs equity adjustment), employee type and maybe status. I tried to do this using cross references but quickly hit the max (maybe I am approaching wrong?). Does anyone have suggestions on how to approach?

Thank you in advance!


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