Replicate a Sheet but with information updating

edited 04/09/24 in Formulas and Functions

We have a Project Tracker that has all the information needed in one place. I want to replicate that sheet but have it update the cells when the Project Tracker gets update. I linked the cells and that was fine but if we have a change order and our people add a row in the middle of the Project Tracker, the replicated sheet won't recognize that new row. I have tried the automation to copy a row but it still needs the cells linked to update the cells. Which is fine but it still won't recognize an added row in the middle of the sheet.

The automations I have tried are-

-Copy a row to a new sheet when a row is added or changed when a job number is entered

-I created a column in the Project Tracker the gets checked by an automation if a new row is added and then had the automation Copy row to a new sheet when the checkbox is checked.

Neither of these seem to recognize the row that is added in the middle of the sheet, even if the checkbox is checked.

This project tracker is updated multiple times a day so we can't be adding in these rows manually.

I should also add that I don't want to do a report as I want to add additional information (ie add a new column for the current month but I want to be able to reference the previous months column)


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