Index Match in Helper sheets


Hi community,

I need some help implementing helper sheets. Here is what I'd like to do:

  1. I have a "helper sheet 1" with many many columns and I want to specifically extract information from only certain columns and put into "helper sheet 2"
  2. The "helper sheet 2" has those specific information in the cell within the needed columns
  3. There are 4 important columns I want to have, and they are called "Task", "analyst", "Lot number" and "Start Date"
  4. Sometimes the task is done by multiple "analyst" and on various "Start date"

Here is where I'm stuck and confused:

  1. I figured INDEX and MATCH is the way to go
  2. I have modified "Manage references" using the right click and linked helper sheet 1 and 2
  3. It seems to grab any of the "analyst" who has done it in the past or was assigned the "Task" but it doesn't seem to consider more than one analyst who could have completed the task.
  4. How do I have in each row the corresponding: task name, the analyst who did that task on that date, and the lot number of that particular task. All into "helper sheet 2" using the information that are in "helper sheet 1"

I would really appreciate the help. I've tried youtube videos and all sorts of google searches. I will follow up if additional clarity is needed. Thank you!


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