Will anything in Control Center break if I add child items to a parent?


I have set up our Control Center to provision initiatives. We assign a unique ID to each initiative that is used for time tracking in our PSA system. However, about 5% of our initiatives need to have more detailed time tracking codes but the time will roll up into the overall initiative. Here's an example (where the unique ID is in parentheses):

  • Initiative A (0123)
  • Initiative B (0456)
  • Initiative C (0789)
  • Time Tracking Code 1 for Initiative C (0789)
  • Time Tracking Code 2 for Initiative C (0789)
  • Time Tracking Code 3 for Initiative C (0789)

All of my initiatives (A, B, and C) are added to the Portfolio list via provisioning the projects in Control Center. My thought is to just manually add the time tracking codes as subitems under the initiatives on the Portfolio list so we know how everything is mapped. We could also bring time tracking data in at the detailed level and have it sum up to the Initiative.

However, I don't want to break anything with Control Center or potential updates that come through for those initiative rows where I may manually add the unique time tracking codes.

If I add subitems under projects in my Portfolio list, will it impact anything done via Control Center? Will global updates still work on these rows? Will updates to data still work correctly?

I'm guessing it'll all be OK but wanted to see if anyone had any experience or advice with this. Thanks!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @axwestlake

    It's difficult to know the impact of your changes without seeing your full process and set-up. It looks like you're licensed on a plan with Pro Support, so you have access to booking coaching sessions over screen share through Pro Desk - which is what I would suggest!

    They will want to see if you are using multi tier Control Center or if your initiatives are projects all using the same Blueprint. You can explain to them what you mean by "manually adding things as subitems" and they can identify what that will impact.

    I will note that Global Updates will only work on things that have been provisioned via Control Center.

    A screen share through a private channel will be really helpful to understand what it is you're looking to do!