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Hi All,

I created an invoice tracker. To identify duplicate invoices I created an "identifier column" with a formula. (=IF(COUNTIF ([invoice #] : [Invoice #], [Invoice #]@row) >1, "Yes", "No") and subsequent conditional formatting if it is "Yes".

I've run into a snag. Invoice #'s come in all shapes and sizes and it seemed to be working fine, even when Invoice numbers started with letters or words.

Some of our invoices are starting with one or multiple zeros. When it is typed in it converts it to text by adding the ' in front of it. But because of that, it is not identifying duplicate invoices.

I can't take it out. It's the same if there is one 0 or six 0's.

How can I change my formula so it reads these as well?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @LDP

    Can you test to see if using "@cell = value" in your formula makes a difference? I've seen this help with leading 0's before:

    =IF(COUNTIF([Invoice #]:[Invoice #], @cell = [Invoice #]@row) >1, "Yes", "No")


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