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Calendar with multiple date colum

Mariemma ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts


I have prepared a Master Calendar to have all our events in one page.  Nevertheless our situation is not that our dates come from different smartsheets but that the dates come from different columns in the smartsheet.  Eg.  Date #1, Date#2, Date#3 in one line (different columns).  This is because sometimes our Xservice may be divided in different dates yet it is still attached to the same control number (auto number column) for all other purposes.

Please advice,

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  • Hello Mariemma,

    The Calendar view in a sheet can only look at one date column at a time.

    To be able to view all of the dates you need in one view, you can copy and paste the dates all into one column (using ctrl + c for copy and ctrl + v for paste).

    Otherwise, you can split the date columns out into multiple sheets, then create a report that pulls in the data from all of them. You can view the report in Calendar view to see all of the dates. More on reporting here

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