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Issue we need to resolve: The scope of work gets filled out by the client. The client has old information regarding location. In this example that location is 1-X-Kt/4.5. This location has been updated to 1-X-Kt/3.5 because of a remodel. We want the location to change to the updated location in a new column.

Desired outcome: If Scope of Work column contains "1-X-Kt/4.5", put "1-X-Kt/3.5" in the Scope Notification column.

I put the formula =IF([Scope of Work]@row = "1-X-Kt/4.5", 1-X-Kt/3.5) in the Scope Notification column, but I am receiving #Unparseable error.

Am I using the wrong formula for our desired outcome?

Thanks in advance!

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