If(And( formula isn't returning correct colors


My goal is:

if NCLEX is greater than 95% = Green

If NCLEX is between 85%-94.99% = Blue

If NCLEX is between 75-84.99 = Yellow

If NCLEX is less than 74.99 = Red

Below is the formula I am using and it is only returning Red

=IF([NCLEX Passing Rate]@row > 95, "Green", IF(AND([NCLEX Passing Rate]@row > 85, [NCLEX Passing Rate]@row <= 94.99), "Blue", IF(AND([NCLEX Passing Rate]@row > 75, [NCLEX Passing Rate]@row <= 84.99), "Yellow", IF([NCLEX Passing Rate]@row <= 74.99, "Red"))))



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