How do I create a template with several smaller templates to plug in as needed


I want to create a general template (which I know how to do) with several various smaller templates to plug in as needed because different cases vary in what they are offered. I was hoping there was a way to start a new sheet and be able to just check off boxes of which additional template sections i want to be included instead of copy and pasting every time


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    • You can either have the "blocks" somewhere in the template to move them where they need to be.
    • You could use filters only to show what is relevant to the project (selecting the blocks)
    • You could have a separate sheet that could trigger copying the "blocks" over to the main sheet.

    Would any of those options work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Your third option sounds the closest to what we're looking for but copying and pasting each necessary section is what we're trying to avoid. Trying to make this a little user friendly. There are several different types of cases we implement with multiple different moving parts a lot of which we're looking to have plugged in. For example our main template would be a general outline of tasks for a new enrollment, but this particular client is paying for technology services and onsite counseling. But another client is doing a re enrollment with phone counselors and consolidated billing. We want to have templates for each set of tasks for separate services to be able to easily plug into each case where they belong. We're trying to see if there's a way to avoid going out into another sheet and copy/pasting each and every one of these sections per service