Data Shuttle Upload: To use one-drive shared file as a Source Sheet


Hi all,

I am using data shuttle, to upload the data from Excel into the Smartsheet sheet, and within the Upload workflow I am not able to find the find the shared folders where the source file is existing. In order to upload the shared file should I create my own folder and dump the source sheet into that?

FYI: I am able to upload the files that are under "My files", but not the folders that are not shared with me.

Can someone please help :).

Thanks in advance!


  • jpaul
    jpaul ✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Mounika , you won't be able to access files in a folder that is not shared with you. You could copy the file into your folder as you mentioned. Alternatively, some users set up a "data shuttle sheet" within their sheets area and attach the files to rows to let Data Shuttle find them there.