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I am currently transferring a lot of our excel spreadsheets to smartsheet and have found it ok so far. However, I have got the below formula to convert and i can't seem to do it. I feel like I am missing something before the [D1 Total solid feed (t)] at the end but can't work out what, my brain is fried!

=IF(S2>0, IF($CA2>0, IF($BS2>0, DQ2/EF2, ""), ""), "")

Smartsheet so far: =IF([Digester 1 Feed (m3)]@row > 0, IF([Pasteuriser DS% (%)]@row > 0, IF([Hydrolysis Tank pH ()]@row > 0, [D1 Total Solid Feed (t)]@row / [D1 Volume (m3)]@row, ""), ""), "")

This returns a #BLOCKED message but I can't work out where I have gone wrong... any ideas please?

Thanks :-)


  • bisaacs
    bisaacs ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Iznil76,

    You could try to use the AND() function in the initial IF statement and see if that works:

    =IF(AND([Digester 1 Feed (m3)]@row > 0, [Pasteuriser DS% (%)]@row > 0, [Hydrolysis Tank pH ()]@row > 0), [D1 Total Solid Feed (t)]@row / [D1 Volume (m3)]@row, "")

    Hope this helps!

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