Use Row@row to reference the row above in a column formula


I'm attempting to use Row@row along with an Auto Number column, in a column formula, so I don't have to manually update the formula when rows move within the sheet, but am not having any luck. The formula in the Est. RU Date column is RU Date, if it is populated, otherwise it should take the date in the Est. RD Date column in the row directly above it and add 1 day to it (so the Est. RU Date should be one day after the Est. RD Date in the row directly above it). For example (looking at the snipit below), in Row 2, 04/19/24 in Est. RU Date is one day after Est. RD Date in Row 1, 4/18/24.

The formula I currently have to manually adjust when rows move within the sheet (and they move daily) is =IF([RU Date]@row <> "", [RU Date]@row, [Est. RD Date]2 + 1). I am trying to incorporate the Auto Number and Row columns into the formula, based on what I have found it other articles, but no matter what I try, it results in #Unparseable. The new (#unparseable) formula I'm trying to manipulate is:

I really appreciate any suggestions!



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