Weird issue - COUNTIF Date Cross-sheet Reference


Hi - I'm doing a very simple cross-sheet reference for a count of dates and it's not working.

Sheet 1:

Date column has a series of serial dates.

Column14 has a formula that is not working.

Sheet 2: This has a Date Completed column.

The formula in Sheet 1 in Column 14 is: =COUNTIF(Date:Date, {BPD-DateCompleted}) - ...where {BPD-DateCompleted} is a correct cross-sheet reference to the Date Completed column noted on Sheet 2 - where it's supposed to count the number of times the date in Sheet 1 occurs in the Date Completed column on Sheet 2 (so, row 1 should show 2, row 2 should show 2, - because there are 2 of each of those in this example..

Both sheets Date Columns are set up correctly as Date column formats.

This is so odd. What did I dod wrong? Thoughts?


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