Find Matching cells between 2 sheets


I need to find cells that match each other on 2 sheets and display them on a 3rd sheet, but the displayed cells have to be in the last 14 days of a date column on one of the original 2 sheets.



  • bisaacs
    bisaacs ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Marcus99,

    Something like this might work (assuming you are just trying to return one of the cells that meets your criteria:

    =IF(AND(OR(NETDAYS([Date 2]@row, TODAY()) < 14, NETDAYS([Date 1]@row, TODAY()) < 14), [Item 1]@row = [Item 2]@row), [Item 1]@row)

    Hope this helps!

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  • Marcus99

    Sorry let me explain it better:

    Sheet 1 – thousands of registrations over many years and is considered a big archive and cannot be edited.

    Sheet 2 – a live sheet with registrations that is changing often, few entries and cannot be edited.

    Sheet 3 – my sheet that I want the following data to feed to.

    Sheet 1 has loads of archived entries. I would like to create a formula in sheet 3 that looks at sheet 1 and sheet 2 registrations and ticks a box in sheet 3 if any of the registrations match, additionally I want the formula to look at an “end date” column in sheet 1 and only look at the registrations in sheet 1 compared with sheet 2 that fall within 14 days of today based on the "end date" in sheet 1.

    I have been using INDEX / MATCH functions to little success

    I hope that explains it a bit better? 

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