IF Formula to assign a symbol depending on where a date is in relation to today's date.


Hi, I'm looking for a formula to indicate where a specific date in one column is in relation to today's date. I have the column where this formula will be input setup as a symbol column to return a color (Red, Yellow, or Green) to indicate the relation between today's date and the date in another column.

If the date is in the past or in the next 9 months, "red". If the date is in the next 9-15 months, "yelllow", else "green".

Thank you!


  • abaker
    edited 04/22/24

    Update, I have figured this out! Here's the formula I used:

    =IF([Expiration]@row < TODAY(), "Red", IF([Expiration]@row - 270 <= TODAY(), "Red", IF([Expiration]@row - 450 <= TODAY(), "Yellow", "Green")))

    Happy for feedback if there is a better way, but this is working!

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