Our first Overachiever Guest is here! [RECAP] Homecare Homebase x Sara Cook

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The latest episode of the Brand Collective Podcast is a treat for all of us. Featuring one of our very own Smartsheet Overachievers@Sara_Cook! 

She’s the Marketing Director of Brand Management and Content at Homecare Homebase (HCHB), and also participates in several programs with Smartsheet other than the Overachievers, including Marketing Advisory Council, Early Adopters Program, and more. 

On this episode:

  • Sara tells us how working as an implementation consultant taught her what users really care about (and that marketers don’t always get it right).
  • Commercials that make us cry — and why those heartwarming ads work.
  • Are you more left-brained or right-brained? Sara shares how she harnesses both creativity and organizational skills.
  • How the pandemic shone a spotlight on home-based industries and generated lasting change.

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🎧 What’s your favorite car commercial (or your favorite commercial in general)?

Sara is a big fan of car commercials (you’ll have to listen to learn why 😉), and we want to know which ones you like the most. Have they ever made you cry? Here's a favorite of mine for inspiration.

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Happy listening!