I need to use an IF formula for a helper column


I have a form for users to submit the temperature of units (freezers and refrigerators). There are over a 100 units across multiple buildings, thus having them as dropdown options in one column is not user friendly. Instead I used a column for each unit and established form logic for the appropriate units to appear based on selected building.

Since I am also using this sheet for reports and copying rows to other sheets, and users viewing the sheet need to see that alerts are generated, a helper column is better than a workflow. Problem is, I cannot figure out a formula.

In summary, this is what I need:

In the Alert column, enter the total number of times any column in the row (there are over 100 columns) is a number, but is NOT between 33 and 40.

So the Alert column would read 3 if unit 4, unit 68 and unit 99 are out of 33-40 range.

Does that make sense?


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